Hand Made in Leucadia - Swell Stuff

I love people who make things with their hands. Here is a shoot out to the very talented Lisa Hetman at swell-stuff.com The lovely ladies at Swell Stuff are responsible for the sewing of our handles for *enjoy handplanes and keeping the rest of our community in leakless wetsuits. They also make some amazing handmade beenies and pillows. Go Lisa! Thank you for supporting us and making swell stuff!

GLYDER apparel

There's a new Women's Yoga Wear brand in town! Glyder Apparel http://work-sweat-play.com/ is designed my Leucadia artist/ Beacons local : Lauren Tolford. Lauren leads the design department, while her fellow FIDM alumni and Carlsbad local, Amanda Thomashow handles the business management of the brand. Lauren's Fiancé, Erik Baldwin stepped in to shoot all the product shots for the website as well!

The yoga and women's athletic market is on fire right now and some of the big name brands are selling their basic Yoga Pants and Tanks for unbelievably high prices!

Glyder Apparel is using the IDENTICAL durable Nylon Spandex fabric as the leading yoga brands, but at a much more friendly price!  Pants, Crops, Tanks and Tee's with appealing feminine styling, made with flat seam construction, and a beautiful color pallet make this collection a must have for all you active moms and "yoganistas" out there. 

Their products are only available online currently. The website is decked out with some great lifestyle photos of some very recognizable locations of the Grandview and Swamis coastline. Yoga Tropics Instructor, Tracey Stockapler is featured in many of photos on the site performing some amazing yoga postures.
Please go check them out!

Joe Hodniki Vimeo Time-lapse of Vimeo xgames booth

Salt Creek Sessions-2012 by John Culqui

The Sea Is My Brother

New piece by local artist Cheryl Sorg titled The Sea, 29" x 24", paper with acid-free adhesive on engineering vellum.

Cheryl uses clipping from magazines and books to make her work.

This original collaged piece is an homage to her two loves - literature and the sea - and the connection between the two. There is much beautiful blue ocean imagery, as well as snippets of poetry and literary titles from works whose themes revolve around the sea.

You can buy it at:


14 Year Old Surfer Saves a Life

This is my friend Logan Foster. I lived next door to him when he was born. One of the coolest kids I had every known right from the get go. I know his dad well and I know he is one proud man right now. Good on you Logan. From grom to super hero! 

Turquoise Sequence

Photos by David Gray

Peahi Paddle In's.

I got this email with commentary from my friend Eric Wells on Maui.

Here are a few shots his buddy Brian Parris took...

Hey!  My Wave! 
Actually, Nobody's Wave 
What?!   No Customers? 
Yeah Baby!...All Mine! 
Downwash Anyone? 
Shit!  I Got It 
Shit!  It's Got Me! 
Feed Me!  I'm Hungry!

Another Souly One by DG

Photo by David Gray

The Salute

Photo by David Gray

Artist - Designer - Typographer - Inspiration - Katherine Hall

I'm a big fan of Katherine Hall's work. Check her out.

This is a space where Katherine Hall's collection of surf-inspired line drawings and hand type is collected, sorted and published for your viewing pleasure."

Sexy blue green backlit sweetness!

Photo by David Gray


Photo by David Gray

Blacks Hack

Photos by David Gray

Say Hello to Your Local Sustainable Surfboard Material

There is something about the Agave plant that intrigues me. It has a simple beauty and design. It is also an organic example of how surfboards get there strength. If you cut the Agave stalk up you would see how it has a super soft center and a super hard shell. That design is exactly how the modern surfboard is constructed. It is pretty cool how shapers like Gary Linden and Eli Mirandon have picked up on that and started to make functional high performance boards out of them. Not just wall hanging art, although they are worthy.

In terms of sustainability, it seems to be a pretty good material seeing that only when the plant has died is when it's wood is good to use. That and it grows wild just about everywhere in SoCal.

Hey, Mr. or Ms. Agave plant, live your life to the fullest and when you are done we'll take you out and get barreled on you. Are you cool with that? Shaka!

Here is such example, Eli riding an Agave board that he made with his own two hands and, well, took it out one day to get a few. (Leashless, no wetsuit on a winter day no less. I'm still blown away by this)

Happy New Year!

Hoots and Shakas to you all.


If you are at X-dance don't miss out of the Lost and Found Screening.

Mick Waters + Rasta + Seth Pettersen = Stoke

One of my favorite scenes in Little Black Wheels was the Rasta section. Yes Dave surfs his brains out but one of the true stars of that section was the song Baby Buddha by Seth Pettersen. The whole scene just makes me want to sing and go surf. Well done Mick, Seth and Dave!

"That's fantastic."

One of my favorite lines in the whole movie....

"It's amazing to me, in this day and age you can get a piece of professional equipment that is is still handmade. They don't make handmade tennis rackets, they don't hand make footballs. Right? So, but you can get a handmade surfboard. That's fantastic."

Glenn Henning Surfer/Activist founder of the Surfrider Foundation

from Manufacturing Stoke

Win An *enjoy handplane and water filming session - Hurry time is running out.

The crew at misfit pictures can think of no other place to celebrate the holidays except deep inside the barrel and we couldn't agree more. So we teamed up with misfit to create a limited pressing of 100 MANUFACTURING STOKE DVDs and inside one of these somebody will find THE GOLDEN TICKET. 

One lucky ticket holder will receive an *enjoy handplane and a complimentary water filming session to record the stoke on your face...forever.

Probably be easiest to film in San Diego but misfits like to travel.

DVDs ARE ONLY $15 and are available at www.manufacturingstoke.com

Last time we checked there are only 42 left... Pierce will update the count daily on his facebook page.
Good luck!

Mexico needs your help!

Our friends at Quality Peoples are working on a very cool project in collaboration with Hand Me Ups (http://handmeups.org/) and PEACE (http://peacemexico.org). Hand Me Ups is raising $7500 to go down to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (where Ed Fladung of QualityPeoples.com lives) to help rehabilitate PEACE's community center, which sorely needs it. You might recognize PEACE, as Quality Peoples donate a portion of their profits to them. They are a non-profit organization that provides all kinds of education and services to the communities in the Puerto Vallarta area.

Hand Me Ups' fundraiser project is set up with a bunch of awesome pledge levels (similar to Kickstarter). Quality Peoples is donating a limited edition collaboration tshirt they created with Hand Me Ups and they are also donating two designs from their Spring Summer 12 collection which isn’t out in stores yet. Cast of Vices (http://castofvices.com) and Fresh Words (http://freshwordsmarket.com) are also donating items and the higher pledge levels have some great items as well.

Check out a video about introducing the project here:

Check it out. If you would like to help they would greatly appreciate.

It's out! Download Come Hell or High Water from TSN!

Oh my, I have been waiting for this one. Starting today you can download Come Hell Or High Water from The Surf Network! Download, watch, enjoy, and enjoy and enjoy...

Big Wednesday - Behind the scenes.

For those of you who are surf big movie buffs like me you can appreciate this little sneak peak into the making of Big Wednesday. Now Big Wednesday was one of my all time favorites films. If you have never seen it watch it on Netflix. I hadn't seen it since I was a kid and when I watched it again recently I was amazed at how good it still was.  Dan Merkel, famed surfing photographer from Surfing Magazine was the principle water cinematographer for the movie. I believe that is him on the left. They had some serious talent work on that film. This little gem was found on Doug Walker's Lost and Found Collection site. Enjoy.

Holiday Art Sale

It's that time of year again. Once a year Rodrigo opens his studio to the community to celebrate art and clear some inventory. If you have been eyeing his art all year and haven't pulled the trigger now is the time to buy. It only happens once a year but when it does you will get deals. Even if you aren't interested in buying art, if you have never been to his studio you should go just to look around. It's a one of a kind place that is truly Leucadia. See flyer below for details. 

A Day in the Shaping Bay With Gerry Lopez

From our friend Doug Walker at The Lost and Found Collection.

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